Luzerne's creations are the work of designer Karnit Aharoni, who defends beautiful and sustainable fashion that's fairly produced.


Attracted by the exceptional quality of our materials, but most of all by the brand's vision, Karnit Aharoni freely committed to join us on our journey.

Born in Israel, raised in New Zealand, having lived in London, New York, Milan and then in France and worked for big brands, she has no interest in the frenetic and volatile trends of fashion. She prefers to listen to the vibrations of the world and reflect them in lasting, deep and sustainable design. Her style: strong timeless design, favouring inventive details that result in a look that is always elegant, always feminine.

Thus, the designs are born, in response to the real lives of women. Lives made up of full-on mornings, long days and unplanned evenings. Designs that respect all these different women and their everyday needs for comfort and elegance. And most of all, pieces designed to last and to enable us to follow our desires without giving in to waste and hoarding.


For these first creations, the designer drew her inspiration from the seventies, the colours, the TV series, the icons and always elegance "à la française". In colours that are sometimes understated, but always bright, each design is enhanced by the beauty of the materials and their harmonious blending.


“This material is so luxurious, it's not a luxury piece, but it is a luxury to wear it.”  
Karnit Aharoni