Rare materials require gentle treatment. To ensure the durability of your clothing, we advise you to wash your knitwear by hand.

However, you can wash mohair and silk pieces in the machine if you want to, provided that you take a few precautions. Alpaca, merino wool and Cashwool® pieces should be washed by hand only. Whatever happens, never use fabric softener or tumble dry your knitwear !

Machine washing

Slip your garment inside a pillow case or a washing net, choose a wool programme (low temperature and low spin speed) and never use too much detergent. We advise you to use a detergent specially designed for woollens, preferably with a European certified ecolabel. Then dry your garment flat on a towel so it does not become misshapen.

Hand washing


Hand washing should be done in barely tepid water (25°C at the most) with a detergent, preferably with a European certified ecolabel. Do not leave your garment to soak and squeeze it gently without pulling, to avoid it becoming misshapen. Avoid excessive lather and rinse at the same temperature because thermal shocks can cause felting. When washing bright colours for the first time, add a little white vinegar (5 cl is enough) to the final rinse.


Slip your garment into a pillow case and leave it to hang from a washing line for no more than 30 minutes (put a bucket underneath it if your piece is drying indoors. Remove it and shake it gently.


Dry your garment flat on a towel, away from any sources of heat so it does not become misshapen.